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And as for the startup’s misleading claims to the public? If you can’t tune out the PR and concentrate on the science, that’s your own damn problem.In summary, the real issue isn’t what some clinical trial did or didn’t show; it’s and your hostile attitude.” In a different context, these sorts of responses would be considered strange, and the need to resort to them revealing. (Interestingly, in excusing D-Wave’s statements, some commenters explicitly defended standards of intellectual discourse so relaxed that, as far as I could tell, say on this blog, which is not OK!It appears that, while the D-Wave machine does outperform certain off-the-shelf solvers, simulated annealing codes have been written that outperform the D-Wave machine on its own native problem when run on a standard laptop.More research is needed to clarify the issue, but in the meantime, it seems worth knowing that this is where things currently stand.I haven’t yet had time to read their paper or form an opinion about it, but I’d be very interested if others wanted to weigh in.

He invited me to share his clarification with others—something that I’m delighted to do, since I agree with him wholeheartedly.Imagine that someone wrote a blog post bringing all of this to public attention.And now imagine that the response to that blogger was the following: “aha, but isn’t it possible that some clinical trial will show an advantage for the gene therapy—maybe with some other group of patients?Did it make business sense for Google to buy a D-Wave machine? Should have acted differently, in my interaction with Mc Geoch?And, I’m afraid to say, I jumped in to the discussion of all of those questions—because, let’s face it, there are very few subjects about which I don’t have an opinion, or at least a list of qualified observations to make. It would have been better to sidestep all the other questions—not one of which I know the answer to, and each of which admits multiple valid perspectives—and just focus relentlessly on the truth of assertion (*).

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I have repeatedly made this point to D-Wave over several years, and I hope that in the future their designs will allow more flexibility in the incorporation of error correction.

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