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You will only get your check at the end of the day (guess they are afraid of people walking off the job). Rat an das Management Learn to appreciate good people and the ones that actually work.

Stop being a bully and stop making others do your dirty work. If you call a meeting stop falling asleep while it's going on.

Once you are not liked, then no calls or emails are responded too.

If it's an object, then it's a schema which will be used for all the element.

If it's an array of object, then it's an array of schema and each element in an array will be checked with the schema which has the same position in the array. First you have to provide a hash containing a function for each custom field you want to inject.

Of course, management wants to monitor the classrooms and offices because they are RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE KIDS' LIVES!

You have no idea what is on mind of every new person who comes in to the school, or even teacher, or strangers, etc. Nobody wants to "spy" you or read your emails just out of curiosity.

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