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The Publications Office publishes the daily Official Journal of the European Union in 23 official EU languages (24 when Irish is required).

As of 1 July 2013, the electronic edition of the OJ (e-OJ) is authentic and produces legal effects (Regulation (EU) No 216/2013).

→ www "Old Kingdom Wooden Statues: Stylistic Dating Criteria", in: Christiane Ziegler (ed.), L'art de l'Ancien Empire gyptien.

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Studies in Honour of Miroslav Verner on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday (Prague, 2011), 157–172. → www "Continuity and Collapse: Wooden Statues from the End of the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period", in: Miroslav Brta (ed.), The Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology. Andrews and Jacobus van Dijk (ed.), Objects for Eternity. Arnold Meijer Collection (Mainz am Rhein, 2006): "Squatting figure from a boat model", p. → pdf "Some Notes on the Wooden Statues from the Tomb of Nakht at Assiut", in: Gttinger Miszellen 116 (1990), 45–50.

Deze wegwijzer geeft inzicht hoe u de verschillende cijfers uit de Veiligheidsmonitor beter kunt gebruiken.

In deze wegwijzer vindt u antwoord op de vragen: Ook krijgt u inzicht in de overige informatiebronnen die gemeenten naast de Veiligheidsmonitor kunnen gebruiken om hun veiligheidsbeleid te versterken.

An important research area is the possible use of virtual environments in providing (a) visual information processing capabilities and (b) avatar-based interaction.

Specific research projects are the use of virtual environment to aid group information processing and social identification using avatar-based interaction..

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  1. The audience consisted of 500 extras from the movie “Cocoon,” several of whom according to the showcase coordinator were “survivors.” Bussed in by cruise lines, they were used as a litmus test for picking performers. It was a sort of employees’ guide to the cruise line and it was mind-bogglingly rigid.