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The star of the show is the meat – different types, cuts, marinated, non-marinated etc – that is grilled at the diner’s table on gas or charcoal grills.This experience allows diners to talk, cook and enjoy their food at the same time.Gogi Gui is a broad term which means roasted meats, or barbecue, in Korean.

We’ve come up with a list of 19 Korean BBQ in Singapore for you to pick from!For the price that we’re paying for the unlimited BBQ buffet per person, we feel that the quality and quantity given has exceeded our expectations.Each BBQ buffet comes with a main dish per person, of which, you can choose between fried saba fish, clear beef rib soup, spicy soft tofu soup, hot stone bowl rice, soya bean paste soup and cold noodle.The friendly and helpful staffs will patiently BBQ the meat for us.There were quite a number of appetizers and their spicy cuttlefish is among the list of our favourites.

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Seorae Singapore is the only Korean BBQ in Singapore serving their signature Korean Galmaegisal, which is also known as pork skirt meat.

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