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No doubt these people help executives improve their performance in many areas. I believe that in an alarming number of situations, executive coaches who lack rigorous psychological training do more harm than good.By dint of their backgrounds and biases, they downplay or simply ignore deep-seated psychological problems they don’t understand.After that incident, the CEO assigned Tom Davis to coach Bernstein.Davis, a dapper onetime corporate lawyer, worked with Bernstein for four years.Fortunately for Bernstein, the CEO suspected that something deeper was wrong, and instead of calling Davis, he turned to me for help.After just a few weeks of working with Bernstein, I realized that he had a serious narcissistic personality disorder.In this environment of quick fixes, psychotherapy has become marginalized.

Sadly, misguided coaching ignores—and even creates—deep-rooted psychological problems that often only psychotherapy can fix.

The popularity of executive coaching owes much to the modern craze for easy answers.

Businesspeople in general—and American ones in particular—constantly look for new ways to change as quickly and painlessly as possible. Success is defined in 12 simple steps or seven effective habits.

Roughly six months after Bernstein and Davis finished working together, Bernstein’s immediate boss left the business, and he was tapped to fill the position.

True to his history, Bernstein was soon embroiled in controversy.

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