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An American scholar recently noted the emergence of a new type of male Negro entertainer whose success is said to depend in part on sex appeal.

The popular entertainment media reflect a growing public readiness to accept presentations portraying close personal relations between individuals of different color.The couple and their priest turned to Daniel Marshall, president of the Catholic Interracial Council of Los Angeles, a group that met at St. Davis knew that a frontal attack on racism was impossible. Pope Pius XI’s 1937 encyclical, Mit Brennender Sorge, had expressly condemned eugenic theories of racial purity as a “myth of race and blood.” (MBS 17) The encyclical pleaded with Germans to remember that the “real common good ultimately takes its measure from man's nature,” and argued that any law or policy that ignores human nature will “shake the pillars on which society rests, and …Racism and eugenic theory were deeply embedded in American law. compromise social tranquility, security and existence.” [MBS, 30] The 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia made the same point.By 1967, 16 states still had anti-miscegenation laws in effect.In 1959, Richard and Mildred Loving -- an inter-racial married couple who had been legall married in the District of Columbia a few weeks before -- were arrested in Virginia.

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But religious bodies are frankly acknowledging that Christian brotherhood implies acceptance of interracial unions.

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