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She later on went on stage despite Tristan appearing in the nick of time, and had fun on stage in spite of herself.After the play was over, it was clear that she still was attracted to Adam and that he himself had developed an attraction to her as well. " — Adam sets the grounds for his new relationship with Becky.They later became rivals in Never Ever (1), when she interfered with his ticket selling for Romeo and Jules, insisting that the play promoted homosexuality.In Come As You Are (1), Becky is at the Torres household party, and just as Adam is about to burn a pile of uniforms on a barbeque grill, she scolds him and takes the clothes to donate to charity.She tells him she'll do it on "his behalf" and walks off with the clothes.Upon finding out what he did, Becky calls him, hurt that he would think she would cheat - as it is a sin - and is angry that he didn't bother talking to her about how he felt like she did with Imogen.Despite telling Becky that he loves her for the first time, she says there isn't love without trust and hangs up while saying she needed time to think about things, leaving Adam distraught.

Despite Becky's thoughts, she and Adam eventually became friends in Scream (2), when she offered to play Tristan's part in Romeo and Jules due to Tristan's absence.

A moderately talented basketballer herself, she started at Sheridan Junior College and then transferred to Point Park in 2013.

If you’re wondering, Point Park is a college outside of Pittsburgh.

They came to a second break up in About A Girl when Becky goes to Florida with her family for the summer and begins spending time with Todd, inciting jealousy in Adam who sees various pictures of the two's time together online.

Fearing and suspecting that Becky is being unfaithful, Adam hacks into her Face Range account and poses as Becky while sending Todd a message to stay away from her.

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